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  • Google authentication
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  • Lost or forgot your password

You can login to Voxxi using your Google account verification or with your email.


Google Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to sign in to your Voxxi account using your Google credentials.

To log in to Voxxi using your Google credentials, select the Login with Google button then enter your Google email/phone and password.


First step is to input your email address that you used to create your account and press continue.

The input field will expand and a password field will be shown.

Add your password and click the ‘login’ button and you will be taken to the home page

View your password by clicking the eye icon in the password input field.

Remember me

Clicking the ‘Remember Me’ tick box tells your computer to remember your login details

Lost or forgot your password

If you cant remember your password you can create a new one by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ linked text.

This takes you to the first step in creating a new password.

Add your email and you will receive an email with a link to create a new password.

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