Voxxi Security

Key elements

Here are some key elements about security at Voxxi:

  • Customer-uploaded data is hosted on Amazon S3 servers
  • HTTPS Encryption on all data between the Voxxi service and the client web browser. Login without encryption is non-optional. Voxxi servers are fire-walled and only those services which are required to be running are listening. Connections between servers are made using encrypted secure tunnels
  • Voxxi employees do not and can not access customer uploaded data in Voxxi without prior customer consent.
  • No super-user account exists in the organization. All accounts are private to each individual user
  • Read our privacy policy here: https://voxxi.io/privacy/
  • All data is backed up nightly and copied to another off-site location
  • Regular security audits are carried out by internal Voxxi security team

Reporting a product security vulnerability

If you believe you have discovered a potential security vulnerability related to Voxxi, please report any security issue

Voxxi takes the privacy, security and protection of your data very seriously. We have built our services around this priority.

Our security policies and controls align with industry standards and we review them regularly to ensure continued compliance.

Businesses, work teams and individuals can confidently use Voxxi to share information, track projects and manage workflows, knowing that their data is protected by the architecture and policies outlined above.

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